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Orthodontic Assistant

Was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, She has 2 small boys ages 2 & 4, Jackson and Dallas.

She enjoys cleaning, organizing spaces, exercising, dancing and being active outdoors with her family in her spare time.

“I enjoy seeing Orthodontics change peoples lives. You can see them become more confidant and begin to love their smiles. I also enjoy the relationships that we create through the time they are here.”


Orthodontic Assistant

Was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. She enjoys scrap booking, making jewelry, traveling, volleyball and tennis.

“I enjoy the patients that I meet, and watching them grow up and watching their smiles evolve.”


Orthodontic Assistant

Was born and raised Atlanta, GA. She enjoys running, exercising, spending time with her dog “Ellie” and her family and friends.

“I like watching everyone’s progress, seeing where they start and where they finish. I enjoy getting to know all of our patients.”


Orthodontic Assistant

Jacqueline – Orthodontic Assistant Was born in Illinois and traveled with her Military family. She has 3 Children ages 13, 9 and 7. She enjoys knitting, and spending time with her 3 children.

” I love the way people feel about themselves when their treatment has been completed.”

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